Let’s start a flood of love

Published 5:49 am Friday, March 17, 2017

Do you practice paying it forward? When somebody, maybe a complete stranger, does something nice for you, do you feel filled with appreciation and pass the gesture on?

It may be as simple as someone ahead of you in a drive-thru line buying you coffee or a smoothie. Would you then buy a drink for the person behind you to keep the love and happiness flowing? I’ve heard of an instance where that went on for hours.

I know that love is contagious. Try looking someone, who is used to going unnoticed, in the eye and giving them a smile that comes right from your heart. People feel good when they know they are loved, and they naturally want to share their own love in return. Do you know that, too? If so, I’d like you to join me in starting a Love Flood.

It will be easy. If you like the way someone shows their spirit, or even the way they dress, tell them so. If you are thankful to someone for his or her guidance in your life, or for always being there for you, express your appreciation. If you love somebody’s twinkling eyes, tell him or her what that means to you.

They will surely be so filled with your surprising expression of love that they’ll be elated.

And they’ll likely be inclined to spread the love around.

One of them might decide they actually like the stray cat they thought was driving them crazy. They might pet the cat and feed the cat, and invite it to live with them. The cat will feel their love.

Another one might plant and nurture a tree, which will also benefit from the love.

Yet another might decide to work in a homeless shelter or become a community volunteer. That spreads love through a lot of people’s hearts, and it has an enormous impact.

The recipients of each one of their expressions of love won’t be able to help feeling really happy, so they’ll be inclined to pass it forward. That’s how a love flood starts. It can spread all around the world, and you can be a catalyst. Together, we can do this!

Just be aware of the power of your love, and use it. Radiate love. Be love. One great thing about sharing your love is that, when you give your love away, it also fills you with love. Love cannot be diminished through your sharing. Love will only grow in you, too, and you will live in bliss.

I say let’s give it a try! Everyday!