My Father’s love is great

Published 5:48 am Friday, March 3, 2017

I quietly slip through the condo without waking the others. I’m not quite fully rested from our busy itinerary of the last few days; nonetheless, there is time for sleeping later. The stars twinkling over the Pacific whisper for me to join them in this beautiful fleeting moment.

How funny I must look to the lone bird chirping from his patio perch. With a jacket covering my PJs to keep away the morning chill, I run my hand along the unfamiliar wall. Finally, my fingers touch a switch causing a dim light’s appearance on the floor. Funnier still, I slowly lower myself to the floor and read my Bible by the small beam produced.

After a while, God’s word fills me with the fuel I crave for this new day in paradise. I thank Him for a magnificent trip and all the interesting people I have met. I ask Him to guide my steps today, but most of all I thank Him for releasing me from the crippling fear of flying that had plagued me for so long.

When my friend, Debbie, invited me to accompany her to Puerto Vallarta for a week of relaxation and fun I was thrilled. Immediately the words “I would love to” spilled from my lips, but my heart lurched inside my chest. “Goliath” tried again, “You know you can’t do that. You’re terrified of flying. It will be miserable. You had better back out.”

I have learned the power of words, and decided not to utter one word of fear. Instead, I chose to think of the awesome adventures Debbie and I would experience. I prayed that Jesus would use me to show His love to the people I would meet along the way.

The thought occurred to me several times that I should back out with some excuse or the other. But it was such a blessing to be invited that I charged ahead with packing and planning for my little doggie’s welfare while I was away.

In all my years I had flown only once. My knowledge of airports and boarding was so very limited that I worried about boarding and traveling alone. We were planning to fly Southwest Airlines, and there are no assigned seats. There is an extra fee for an early bird check-in, which gives a better chance of boarding and sitting with your traveling companion, but there are no guarantees even with that.

Instead of wasting time and money, I determined to slay this giant once and for all. Fear had haunted me much too long and made my world smaller than necessary. “Lord, you know how I feel. I trust you to put me with whomever you think best.”

Preparations for the trip continued. I called the airline to confirm my flight and receive my boarding information 24 hours before takeoff as instructed. I received my boarding information and wrote it down. I was to board in group A number 50 for New Orleans to Houston, and group B number 39 for Houston to Puerto Vallarta.

The phone rang a little later in the day with Debbie on the other end.

“Hi Jan, did you get your boarding information? I’m in group A number 49 for the first flight, and group B number 40 for the second leg of the trip.”

With squeals of delight and laughter I told Debbie my boarding information.

“Wow, Jan. I can’t believe it! What are the chances of that?” Debbie exclaimed.

My fear melted away as I realized once more my Father’s great love.