Captain thankful for MCCA’s success

Published 5:50 am Friday, March 3, 2017

Gentlemen of MCCA and our extended family:

With 43 tractor-pulled floats, and 70 total parade units, this was the biggest parade ever presented, to the biggest crowd ever gathered, in our city. For one-and-a-half hours, a spectator standing in any one spot on the route was treated to a passing stream of beautifully decorated and thematically designed glowing floats.

As always, our riders were generous to a fault, and the cheerful crowd loved it! The quantity and quality of our throws are legendary. The King and Queen and Royal Court were gorgeous and regal.

I can’t begin to thank all the folks who were and always are so dedicated to our effort at such an undertaking. Folks from the 80 plus police officers who come together as a safety force, the wonderfully generous friends at the Singleton Tractor Company of Franklinton, our tireless and dedicated parade Trail Boss Bill McGehee and his deputies, the MCCA officers, the Mayor and city officials, and many more.

Thanks to our den lieutenants, lady presidents, and members for being an important part of our amazing organization. I could not be prouder of a group, or prouder to ride as captain among you.

The Captain, Krewe of MCCA