Parade is tomorrow — have fun, be safe

Published 5:53 am Friday, February 24, 2017

Each year, three days before Mardi Gras Day, Washington Parish residents and many others who live outside of Washington Parish, come together to celebrate the day MCCA rolls through the streets of Bogalusa.

It’s a great day for the riders and the parade goers alike.

For the riders, there is absolutely nothing like getting on a float on parade day, and seeing enthusiastic people — some you know, some you’ve never met — celebrating and having a great time because the parade you ride in is going through town. Like the riders, the parade goers came to the event excited and when you throw them those beads, cups or whatever it is, or when you throw a stuffed animal to a child in a ladder or may they’re in the front row, the happiness and smiles grow. It’s pretty awesome.

When you’re watching the parade, there is plenty excitement.

You might know somebody on a float, which makes it even better when they see you and continually throw stuff to you until the float is out of the range of their how far they can throw. If you don’t know anybody on a float, you can still catch plenty.

If you’re a resident of Washington Parish, this is home. This is your hometown and it’s special. For those attending MCCA who don’t live in Washington Parish, they see how great Bogalusa is and they are treated to one heck of a parade.

When it’s all said and done, it’s about people of all ages having fun, which is why people go to and ride in parades — because they’re fun.

Enjoy yourself at MCCA, as the parade gets going Saturday at 1 p.m. Please be safe and have a great Mardi Gras.