A pleasant surprise

Published 5:31 am Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sunlight dancing on the lake welcomes me to my comfy sunroom chair. The back porch chimes blowing in the afternoon breeze provide a soothing sound to calm my thoughts after a hectic day. I have steadily marched through my lengthy to-do list checking off first one task and then another. Finally, my list grows smaller, and I sit for a moment.

Debbie, one of my friends and colleagues from my teaching days, called me a few weeks ago with quite a wonderful invitation. Her family has a cousin week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico every year. I’ve seen the marvelous trip on her Facebook page in the past never knowing that I would have the good fortune of making the trip with her. It seems one of the cousins had a scheduling conflict leaving a spot open for a guest.

How exciting it will be to have free accommodations at a luxurious resort! Well, that may not be the best part, but it certainly is an unexpected blessing. Meeting new people will probably be my favorite part of the trip because it’s what I usually look most forward to most.

My prayer is meet some great people and get a solid chunk of writing accomplished. I can see myself watching the waves crash in and soaking up the sun while sipping on something cool and refreshing. Actually, I see myself watching the waves crash in while looking like a mummy wrapped in all sorts of things trying to avoid too much sun. That’s more realistic with my sensitive skin, but the first description sounded much more sophisticated!

The hands on my watch sped by while I hurriedly took care of last minute details. I rummaged through my desk in search of my passport so I could add information to my airline ticket. Wouldn’t you know that I misplaced my confirmation number for my ticket and had to look for it, as well? At long last, I found the notepad with my information on it and took care of that item on the all-important list.

With this information updated I set my mind on packing. In the past I have notoriously over packed and decided that I would take a different approach this time. But deciding what to take and what to leave behind has been quite a task. I was almost ready to pull out another suitcase when I called Debbie for a little more information.

“Hi, Deb. I’m getting packed, but I want to downsize a little from my usual way of taking everything imaginable with me. Do you guys have a laundry available?”

“Yes. We have our own washer and dryer so don’t worry. Just pack light if you want. Don’t forget your sunscreen, though. We are going to have a great time! I just called my cousin and she has a whale watching excursion planned for us!”

“Sound great, Debbie! Talk to you later.”

Looking at the stacks of clothes, I wondered aloud, “Hmmm … and just what do whale watchers wear?”


Jan Penton Miller can be reached at lilsisjan@yahoo.com.