We can all learn from child’s example

Published 8:18 am Monday, February 20, 2017

Earlier this week, we published a story about 8-year-old Layla Ladner, who made a touching sacrifice. Rather than asking for birthday gifts at her party, she instead asked for guests to bring canned food donations for the Washington Parish Food Bank. Her family then took it even a step further, when they made the same request of those who attended Layla’s great-grandmother’s funeral the same day.

Thanks to the family’s efforts and willingness to give back, more than 250 cans of food were donated.

We can all learn from Layla’s example. If a child can do it, certainly we can find time to give something back to our community and to those in need as well. Whether it’s volunteering your time and efforts, or giving food or other donations to a food bank, we can all do our part.