‘Mother Goose’ parade is good for MCCA

Published 5:44 am Saturday, February 4, 2017

If you live in Bogalusa and you’ve never had the chance to see Annunciation Catholic School’s “Krewe of Mother Goose Parade” at Goodyear Park, you need to put it on your bucket list. This year’s event was Wednesday and it was a beautiful sunny day for the parade.

Students at ACS dress up in costume and ride in mini “floats” that are decorated in classic nursery rhymes, such as Old McDonald or Little Boy Blue. Other floats are based on storytales like Alice in Wonderland, and there are even a few contemporary floats like Scooby Doo. At times it’s hard to tell who’s having more fun — the youngsters riding in the parade, or the school kids and parents watching in the audience. It’s just as much like a “real parade” as possible, as the riders throw beads, candy and toys to the students and Mardi Gras-themed music fills the air as the parade traverses the park’s walking path.

Although the event is a good time for everyone involved, it also serves an important purpose. The Magic City Carnival Association (MCCA) is obviously one of our city’s most coveted traditions, but it will only continue to survive as long as that enjoyment is passed on to the next generation. Events like the Mother Goose Parade instill that excitement in our youth, and encourage them to participate in MCCA events as they get older.

Who knows, it’s very possible that a future MCCA king or queen was even in the crowd at Goodyear Park on Wednesday afternoon.