‘Signing Day’ is just around the corner

Published 4:04 pm Thursday, January 26, 2017

National Signing Day is just a few days off, as athletes from around the country announce their decision about where they are going to college and sign their letters of intent.

The celebration that takes place on Signing Day, which is Wednesday, is a time where dreams become a reality for those signing.

The signees, their family, coaches, friends and those who have supported them throughout see the work that has been put in come to fruition.

It’s a great day for everybody.

Signing Day and any time an athlete signs a letter of intent also means there is plenty of work left.

The goal is to not only make it to the next level, but you also want to have success there as well.

If an athlete doesn’t sign Wednesday, that does not mean they can’t sign with a school for athletics, as they can sign at a later date.

Congratulations to those who sign Wednesday and those who sign in the future to play at the next level.