Disrespect to flag, prayer was disappointing

Published 5:51 am Saturday, January 21, 2017

Dear Editor:

I attending the Bogalusa City Council meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 17. I do not live in the city limits, but I was interested in a couple of the issues that were to be discussed. It was enlightening to see the difference of opinions on various issues.

I regularly attend the parish council meetings and it saddens me that there were more people at the city council meeting than normally attend the parish council meeting. But the thing that really saddened and thoroughly angered me was the disrespect demonstrated by several people that refused to stand for the prayer or the pledge of allegiance to the flag.

I am not referring to the lady that obviously had some mobility problems; she fought through her problems and attended the meeting to show her concern for the community. But she also said the pledge while sitting, and I applaud her.

I am referring to the lady that sat during the pledge and was doing something on her cell phone. After the meeting was over she got up and walked out with no problem.

I am also referring to the two men that sat during the pledge but were able to walk up to the podium with no difficulty and speak. If I had any sympathy for any of your opinions, you can be assured it has disappeared.

I fully understand the courts have opined it is a legal right to not stand for the pledge, so I don’t need that lecture. But if you don’t have enough respect for the country you live in to acknowledge the freedoms we have, then please move to whatever country you think is better. Let me know when you are packing, and I will come help you.

Phillipp Bedwell