Sunday alcohol sales aren’t the answer

Published 3:38 am Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dear Editor,

I would like to offer my thoughts concerning the Sunday alcohol sales editorial published in the Oct. 28, 2016, edition of The Daily News.

While it is true that everyone is suffering from a lack of money, the sale of alcohol one day a week is not the answer. First, if the average person wants the hard liquor or a beer to watch a Sunday game or just laze around, they simply go to the cabinet or refrigerator and get one that they previously purchased. However, they are less likely to be driving while they drink it. Which brings up another problem; it does no good to get more tax money if your operating cost is going to go up also. I mean, you are going to have to hire more law enforcement to help combat the DWI problem that is sure to follow. No one in his or her right mind is going to drive 40-plus miles for a beer.

As far as the restaurants losing money because they don’t sell alcohol on Sundays, I ask this: When was the last time you tried to dine at a local restaurant at lunchtime on Sunday? Most of them that are open have a line waiting for a table. People may go to Picayune, Slidell or even Tangipahoa Parish on shopping trips, but it could be that they are traveling for better prices or selections.

If you want to raise more tax money, it seems that the obvious thing to do would be to draw in more business. The biggest employer in the parish is now — and has been as far back as I can remember — the paper mill. Though they seem to be good neighbors, they need some help paying the tax load for the parish.

As far as lowering our morals, all you need to do is go about 60 miles to the south to see what that brings about. Let’s face it, if you cross the lake, you are taking your life into your hands, but you can buy anything you want anytime you want it. I think we can all agree, to trade tax money for morals and safety is way too high a price.

Robert Barber