In our state, the election’s not yet over

Published 2:08 pm Saturday, November 12, 2016

While we were glad to report on the high numbers of voters who turned out to vote on Tuesday, the election is not over in Louisiana.

In Franklinton, voters must decide on an alderman and across the state voters must pick the next senator. The runoff will be Dec. 10.

Our U.S. Senate race offers two distinct candidates — Foster Campbell, a Democrat, and John Kennedy, a Republican. Both candidates offer two separate platforms. Kennedy is state treasurer and Campbell is a public service commissioner and former state senator. Both candidates have long histories of public service. We urge our readers to do their homework and read up on what these men have accomplished already and what they would like to accomplish as a U.S. Senator.

This is an important election and its outcome ought to be determined by an educated, informed electorate. Finally, don’t forget to vote and offer a ride to your friends and family who may not be able to make it to the polling place.

We hope we have another high turnout on Dec. 10.