Come together after vote

Published 8:27 am Wednesday, November 9, 2016

By the time this column publishes, the much-debated presidential election will be one more in the books. I have my ideas of who should be Commander in Chief, but by this time it’s all over. As I contemplate the state of our nation, I have to say that I run into great people of all political persuasions, ethnicities, and ideologies.

One of my very best friends is an extremely active and vocal member of the “other” political party. We even talk politics — but only to a point. When the pitch of her voice starts to rise, I always remind her that we will just have to agree to disagree. She cannot understand how a smart and kindhearted woman could have a different political persuasion, and I feel exactly the same about her!

We both realize that our mutual respect and friendship is much more precious than arguing over politics. This in no way means that we agree on many of the major issues facing our nation, because we don’t. It simply means that we chose to cherish and nurture our friendship anyway.

In my lifetime I cannot recall an election that has divided the country so sharply. While speaking to my cousin, Frances, about the situation she said, “Remember, darling, that only about a third of the country actually wanted to fight against England.” We made it through the Revolutionary War; we made it through the Civil War; and we’ll make it through the divisiveness of this election.

It has occurred to me recently that no matter what the results of this election entail, half of the country will be brokenhearted. I will show kindness and respect to my fellow Americans, no matter who wins the election. Some of our populace seems to be so lacking in character that they have a fit when things don’t go their way.

My prayer for our country is for us all to come together no matter who is elected president. I will continue to salute the American flag. I will pray for the leaders of our nation. I will vote my conscious, while continuing to show respect to those whose opinions differ from my own.

As far as this presidency goes let’s all remember, “This too shall pass.” Our children may not remember whom we supported in the presidential election, but I can assure you they will remember our character, or lack thereof, when it was over.

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