Take the time to be informed to vote

Published 5:56 am Saturday, October 22, 2016

With early voting running Oct. 25 to Nov. 1, we would like to remind all of our readers to please take part in our democratic process and go vote.

However, before you go vote, please take a moment to get informed on some local issues.

Earlier this month, we covered the alderman candidate forum in Franklinton. In Wednesday’s paper, three of the four Bogalusa city council hopefuls answered questions. In Friday’s paper, Bogalusa Mayor Wendy Perrette made the case for renewing taxes necessary for things like infrastructure, our fire department and funding our general fund.

Although we do not endorse candidates, we would like to urge voters to approve these taxes. As the mayor pointed out, none of the taxes are new and they do not increase taxes — they keep tax levels at the same rate. If we do not have this money, the city could see dire cost cuts that we are sure would only hurt all of the citizens and businesses in town.

Finally, in the weekend paper, we have published a basic rundown of what the six state constitutional amendments will mean if they pass or not. Please take a minute to review the amendments.

For the U.S. Senate and presidential races, we hope our readers will take a minute or two online and investigate candidate platforms and positions before they go to the voting booth. Voting might be a right, but informed voting should be an obligation owed to our city, our state, our country and to our fellow neighbors.