Consider change to alderman election

Published 6:32 am Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Frankie Crosby, who is running for election to the Franklinton Board of Aldermen, had a thought-provoking suggestion during last Tuesday’s forum of alderman candidates.

Crosby questioned why the town of Franklinton has five at-large aldermen, rather than electing representatives based on district.

It’s a valid point.

The Bogalusa City Council has seven members — two at-large and one each from five districts. Many other city governments have a similar makeup for their elected assemblies. It’s easy to see why — it works. It allows for each geographical region of a municipality to be represented, and prevents any one particular neighborhood or group from monopolizing city government.

Our Congress works under the same idea, on a much larger scale. We have representatives for regions of a state, and senators for the state as a whole.

We urge the Franklinton Board of Aldermen to at least consider Crosby’s concern. Regardless of whether or not a change is made, it is an issue that should be discussed.