Blues festival on opportunity to show off city

Published 1:41 am Saturday, September 24, 2016

Well, it’s finally here, folks. We hope everyone can make it out to the Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival this weekend in Cassidy Park. The musical acts look to be great and this year there’s a screening of “Bogalusa Charm,” a documentary about Dixie Gallaspy’s charm school. This will be shown every two hours Saturday at the museum from noon to 8 p.m. All of this is in addition to the usual offerings of handmade crafts, tasty foods and other fun attractions. We are certain there will be something for everyone.

However, there is more to the festival than what’s on the stage or what’s for sale. This weekend, visitors from around the U.S. will be here and we hope our readers will take a minute and interact with some of these new folks. The success of festivals lies in word-of-mouth and repeat visitors. A welcoming, friendly city will only help our chances of future success.

Besides, it’s fun to hear what brings outsiders to our city. Bogalusa has a lot going for it, but all of that can be easy to miss without fresh eyes, so take a minute, talk to your new friends and be reminded us our city is a charming, fun and worthwhile destination.

Be safe, have fun and we hope to see everyone at the park.