We need more citizens like ‘Foots’ Quinn

Published 7:53 am Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dear Editor:

Many thanks to “Foots” Quinn and his son, Kelly, and to those who helped with the project, Patty McGuire and Charles Rimes, for the new Bogalusa signs installed on the old depot building on Austin Street. The place had looked forlorn for so long, and it was sad.

“Foots” is one who is constantly looking for ways to uplift and improve our town. Many things he has done most people never know about. If more people would do likewise — instead of constantly complaining and criticizing — things would be a lot nicer.

As to those who hate the Hobo typeface — maybe you don’t know that this is a truly unique item in our town’s history. The style was designed by the lumber industry to mark their products in a very special way. This Bogalusa style is a registered trademark and will not be found anywhere else. We should proud that we have this distinction. I love it!

Wouldn’t it be great if the present owners and city government could come to some arrangement about the depot, and our museum could be located in this truly historic building? It would mean a lot to Bogalusa. Food for thought.

Lydia Fendlason