Make time to make your hurricane plan

Published 6:21 am Saturday, August 27, 2016

Between the floods and the likely impending presence of Zika mosquitos, it is an understatement to say we have enough to worry about all ready.

But, of course, there’s more: A low pressure system bringing lots of wind and rain, known as Invest-99L, is currently just north of Cuba and possibly headed our way.

Over the next few days, this storm could pick up speed and get bumped up into hurricane status, meaning it could get a lot windier.

The good news about hurricanes is, unlike many other natural disasters, we can generally see them coming. This allows us to be prepared.

We are in hurricane season, so even if Invest-99L does not turn into a hurricane and even if it doesn’t hit us, it is wise to be prepared now. This means stock up on canned or non-perishable foods. Get bottles of water. Have some cash ready and set aside and make sure you are stocked up on whatever medicines you might need, as power may be out for several days.

In addition, stock up on batteries and make sure you have a radio that may be operated by battery power.

As a storm approaches, you will want to have an evacuation plan in place and it is best to at least have an idea of what you will do before you have to act.

Finally, even if it is a quiet year for us, please take the next few weeks and months to ready and secure your home for a storm. As many of our readers are all too aware, depending on federal disaster aid or insurance money to fully replace what you have lost is not a wise idea. It is far easier, cheaper and better to make your plans now, while the sun is shining, than to do nothing and wait for the storm clouds that one day will come.