High school sports kicking into high gear

Published 9:20 am Friday, August 26, 2016

The high school sports seasons are well underway for MAIS schools and they are coming ever closer for the LHSAA teams.

Softball has been going on for a few weeks for Bowling Green and Ben’s Ford Christian School.

Volleyball is gearing up for local LHSAA teams Bogalusa, Franklinton, Pine and Varnado.

In fact, Bogalusa played in the Salmen Jamboree on Wednesday

Ben’s Ford played its first football regular season game last week and continues tonight. Bowling Green opens its season tonight while Bogalusa, Franklinton, Pine and Varnado are preparing to play in separate jamborees.

More sports will be begin as the school year rolls on, as teams compete with the ultimate goal of a state title.