Everyone can tell a story

Published 6:42 am Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Theresa’s country charm oozes from her pores as she smiles and speaks in her sweet mountain lingo. We met at a birthday party we both attended, and now she stands in our living room, demonstrating the deluxe vacuum cleaner she sells to support her family.

Laughter fills the small room as we listen attentively to both her demonstration and the hilarious commentary she provides. “Just let me tell you’uns about a time I got my dress caught up in this thing and the suction was so strong it pulled my dress right off! I went to runnin’ out the front door, and the little fellow I was showin’ it to said, “Well, you didn’t have to do all that. I was goin’ to buy one anyway!”

Whether that story was actually true or not one has to wonder, but it made for a lively evening. Before she took her leave for the evening a new vacuum stood proudly in the corner of the living room just waiting to make our place sparkly and shine! I had been needing a new vacuum for a long time, but the fact that Theresa is indeed the sole breadwinner for her household made me want to quit procrastinating and make the purchase.

When I asked Theresa about her illustrious career as a vacuum cleaner salesperson she stated, “You know I could really write a book about all the people I have met in this business. I have been in some homes that were so messy you wouldn’t believe it, and I’ve been in gorgeous homes where I couldn’t find any dust to show of my machines super powers! I’ve been down some pig trails in my day. I’ve been lost so many times I can hardly remember them all. I even went to one home where the owner came to the door wrapped in a sheet!” Theresa cranked out story after story as we attentively listened. Occasionally she would remember that she was demonstrating a vacuum and get back to it!

Theresa’s husband is disabled, and she works very hard to take up the slack. She gives God the glory for providing her with an income and so many marvelous stories to tell. She pondered aloud, “I wonder if anyone would read a book about how I have supported my family for 20 years on a commission job?”

I think it would be a good read with all of her humorous stories. But the real story is the faith of a woman who took what skills she had and asked the Lord to bless them. With her wit and determination, along with the Lord’s help, she has been supporting her family for 20 years. I would say that’s something to write home about.

Jan Penton Miller can be reached at lilsisjan@yahoo.com.