This ‘police war’ is hurting our nation

Published 6:47 am Saturday, August 13, 2016

There has been a rash of violent attacks on police forces across the country. This “ambush” tactic is pretty much influenced the hate group, “Black Lives Matter.” These horrific acts are spurned on by the premise that the police are “hunting down” young black men as their prey. This is, of course, absolutely ridiculous!

When these inhuman acts are shown on national and local media, you can very visibly see officers — both black and white, reacting at the further risk of their lives to restore order. Unfortunately, the intentional death toll among these brave responders crosses the racial line.

These officers work on a day-to-day basis totally dependent on one another because their lives at any moment may depend on their partner. The idea that white police are out there preying upon young black men can only serve to break down the cohesion of these various police agencies. Could that, in fact, be the objective of groups like “Black Lives Matter?”

When there is a breakdown of law and order, you no longer have a civil/humane society. We are prompted by our news media and activist to believe these ridiculous charges, even in the obvious light that in many of the noted cases the police chiefs, sheriffs, and mayors have been black. Logic just does not matter if the objective is to take a questionable situation and stir it up to a riotous level of discord.

Is it just a coincidence that this racial discord within the black community happens to erupt on the heels of the presidential election? Politicians, with news media support, readily fan the flames of this perceived unrest while acknowledging that Hillary Clinton cannot win this election without the traditional 95-percent-plus “black bloc” vote. Just look at the recent unfortunate situation over in Baton Rouge. Both “race hustlers,” Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, were actively on the scene. I guess they are competing for “Democratic Chief Activist.”

Citizens of Bogalusa and Washington Parish, especially the black community, should know what happens when there is a breakdown of law and order. They should also remember that the support of that breakdown was the Democratic power structure.

My question to the black community is this. If the first African-American president has done nothing to better the lot of the black situation, what will Hillary Clinton, who promises to continue his legacy, do?

I say, consider something else — what have you got to lose?

Roosevelt Ludd