Giordano’s example is one to emulate

Published 6:57 am Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I would like to take this time to thank Mr. Joe Michael Giordano and the young man who helped him, when the two of them came to the aid of a lady who was having trouble with an overgrown, unkempt lot next to her residence in Bogalusa.

A person who has known Joe Michael for a long, long time, I know this was done out of kindness.

Just think what a wonderful place Bogalusa could be if every able-bodied person in this city would volunteer about four hours per week — that is less than 35 minutes per day. That’s not a lot of your time to make someone else’s day.

If we were to answer the call of volunteerism, we would be setting a great example for the next generation, who indeed learn what they live and live what they learn. And one day, we won’t be able-bodied and the next generation will.


Teddy Drummond

Bogalusa City Council