Football season is almost finally here

Published 6:37 am Friday, August 5, 2016

When the calendar turns to August, it means that football season is right around the corner.

The excitement for football season begins to build up as the school year comes to a close and teams have their spring games and continues throughout the summer.

By August, it’s almost here.

The MAIS schools get an earlier start on the football season than the LHSAA teams do and tonight Bowling Green School and Ben’s Ford Christian School are both taking to the road.

Bowling Green travels to Silliman while Ben’s Ford heads to Prentiss Christian.

The scrimmages are an opportunity for players to compete against somebody different rather than their teammates and it’s another chance for coaches to evaluate their team without the contest counting toward the team’s win-loss record.

Next week, Ben’s Ford is hosting a six-team jamboree that also has Bowling Green.

Good luck to all of the teams this year in their quest for state championships.