Alcohol sale to minors is serious issue  

Published 6:24 am Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Recently, the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office investigated local parish merchants to see whether they would illegally sell alcohol to minors.

Of the 41 businesses tested, 12 of the stores attempted to sell alcohol to an underage WPSO staff member, Chief Deputy Mike Haley said. Those businesses were cited for the violation.

While it is encouraging to know that 29 of the merchants properly carded for alcohol sales, it is equally disappointing to know that 12 did not.

Underage drinking is a problem that often leads to other delinquencies at an early age. It is good that the WPSO and other law enforcement agencies take the enforcement of this law seriously.

We hope that the 12 businesses that received violations in the recent investigation will learn their lesson, and will be sure to check IDs in the future.