Email scandal result unfair

Published 7:05 am Saturday, July 9, 2016


Let me ask you a tough question: Do you think Washington elites and political insiders should get to live under a different set of rules than every other American?  Of course not.

Somehow in Washington those friendly with the Obama administration get special exemptions.  This became brutally obvious this week when presented with clear and unbiased facts, both the FBI and the Department of Justice decided to give former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a free pass in her grave mishandling of sensitive information that put our national security at risk, and likely compromised information that was deemed to be the highest classification our nation has.

What’s worse?  These announcements came just a week after the country’s top attorney Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton aboard a private plane, raising serious concerns over conflicts of interest, and just days after Hillary publicly said she was considering keeping Lynch in office should she become President.

Now let me clear something up right off the bat—Hillary Clinton intentionally used multiple email servers in an elaborate attempt to cover up or destroy politically damaging information — likely regarding huge conflicts of interest with the Clinton Foundation.  In doing so she put our U.S. military and intelligence community at grave risk.

Intelligence officials and military personnel agree that in the vast majority of cases, mishandling classified information should result of a loss of security clearance at the very least.

At the worst, those who violate those policies could face federal prosecution and even prison time, neither of which Secretary Clinton will endure. Literally because she’s a Clinton.

That’s flat out unfair and just plain wrong.

U.S. Sen. David Vitter is the senior senator for the state of Louisiana.