Leaders right to crack down on security

Published 8:39 am Monday, June 20, 2016

We were happy to report Friday that the Bogalusa city government is putting stricter controls over utility payments to prevent both outright theft and honest mistakes.

Mistakes happen and, as all know, sometimes humans do dishonest things, but better software and oversight should minimize both theft and miscalculations.

Consider this: So far, the city of Bogalusa has spent a bit over $1,000 to repair Cassidy Park. Consider also the fact that the city’s struggling to boost sales tax revenues. Given these facts, the likely theft of $5,000 and the misplacement of another $600 is a serious concern, and we’re glad our officials have approached it as such.

We would also like to take a minute and state clearly and for the record that our mayor is to be commended for calling state auditors in to investigate the missing money. Instead of trying to work out a repayment deal or handle the whole affair in house, the mayor called law enforcement and outside scrutiny to her administration.

Often in small towns, personal connections, friendships and family make the difference between doing what is right and best for the city and doing what is easy and best for one’s friend or piece of mind. As we all know, our state has a sorry legacy of local and state political leaders looking the other way while a friends or a relative takes from the collective cookie jar.

Heck, even if there is no larger conspiracy, calling state authorities to possibly arrest a city employee is not an easy thing. We live in a small town, and proximity can cloud ethics sometimes. We’re glad it did not.

We hope residents remember this at the next city council meeting. The city council and the city leaders get plenty of criticism and some of that is justified.

There is plenty that needs fixing in our community.

But then there is this, a clear, unmistakable signal that our leaders are looking after our money.

We hope some of the city’s regular critics take a minute to remember that.

Every community in the world has dishonest people in it. And people everywhere are prone to error.

However, we see that in Bogalusa our leaders will tolerate neither honest mistake nor dishonest action.

We have faith that our leadership will continue to keep our city’s finances secure for years to come.