Road work great to see, drive carefully

Published 4:59 am Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Like everyone else who lives in Bogalusa, we are thrilled to see the visible signs of road improvements throughout the city. Rio Grande and Verrett Street are freshly paved, and work is continuing in earnest on Martin Luther King Drive, Jefferson Street and many other roads.

We hope that everyone will enjoy the new roads, but drive carefully in parts of the city where construction is still underway. We are happy to see police patrol officers at the sites of especially busy construction. The men working on these roads are doing a job just like the rest of us, and they deserve a safe working environment. Slow down when going through construction zones.

Also, some of the newly paved roadwork has not yet had striping done, so use common sense and stay in lanes even if there’s no lines marking them. We all have to use these roads, let’s share them together.

Obviously times are tough and budgets are tight, but it is great to see our city leaders finding the resources to improve as many streets as possible.