We need to right the course of our country  

Published 6:24 am Saturday, May 28, 2016


Dear Editor:

The presidential election process is full swing, and it is not turning out to be a pretty thing to watch. The fact is that voting for president has always been a knock-down, drag-out type of fight. The modern day social media just adds the blood to the water for the sharks. Or, more aptly called, politicians, no matter Democrat or Republication.

This upcoming election will be a pivotal one. But, isn’t it true that all elections are pivotal? The problem is that too many citizens tend to bask in the perceived good times, and lose track of the of the hard-core transformation that the country is experiencing.

President Obama’s stated objective, in his campaigns, has been to “transform” the United States of America to his ideals. Senator Hillary Clinton has vowed to continue President Obama’s legacy of “ruling” the country. Senator Clinton is in a tight race, in a rigged Democratic system in her favor, with Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is an avowed socialist. The only difference between the two of them is who can promise to give away the most “stuff” to the electorate.

So, if he admits that he is a socialist, what does that make Hilliary out to be? The United States under President Obama is well down the road to becoming a socialist style of government. The problem is that we are a capitalist society with an electorate who does not know the difference. President Obama and Hillary darn well know the difference. And, they have been very successful in deceiving the voters whose desire, for the most part, is to just be fair.

The system is completely upside-down. Eight years ago, Barack Obama was elected in spite of the fact that he had no record by which to be judged. In fact, that may have been his strong suit. He was just a very clean-cut black man with great oratorical skills. And, it was just time to have a black president. Now we are asked to vote for Hillary Clinton, who has a horrible record of accomplishments and is a boring orator. Now, I guess, that it’s just time to have a woman as president. In the meantime, the country is rapidly going down the tube. No matter, however, because we will have proven that we are not a racist, or sexist, country.

The Republican Party appears to be in total collapse under the Democrat cascade, because it has not been able to establish a set of principles for which to stand. Has anybody up there read the Constitution of the United States? In their quest for individual power, whether Democrat or Republican, a politician will not allow anything, even the constitution, to stand in the way. It is high time that the citizens wake-up and right the course of the country.


Roosevelt Ludd