Generosity toward museum is nice to see

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, April 20, 2016

While all of the devastation was hard to fathom after March 11 flood, the Cassidy Park museums may have been hit the hardest. In addition to damages to the museum buildings themselves, countless artifacts and other historical items were also damaged or lost.

However, we are proud to see that many individuals and groups are stepping to the plate to help the museum get back on its feet. The Civic League donated $500, former resident Keith Hughes made a donation of $10,000, and former mayor Charles Mizell donated new offices for the museum at 750 Ave. F. There are certainly countless other donors whose names and generosity have not been publicized, but their support is also greatly appreciated.

Museum staff hope they will eventually turn the Avenue F location into a permanent spot for the museum’s collection. We wish them success in that endeavor.