Public needs to cooperate with the police

Published 7:00 am Saturday, April 2, 2016

We’re thankful the gunfire on Monday didn’t injure anyone and we thank our police officers that rushed into a scene that could have been life-threatening had any of the shooters been present.

However, none of the shooters were still there when police arrived. Instead, police found a couple of phones and bullet casings and residents who apparently saw nothing and knew nothing. The bullet casings and the phones may help crack the case, secure suspects and a motive, but we cannot leave such a thing to the police alone. Residents, neighbors and those involved with the incident must come forward and report what they know.

It’s not easy reporting violent crime — whether you’re involved or not — but over the long run you and the community at large will be far safer if those responsible for the shooting are behind bars. Those who were responsible for the gunfire must known learn the lesson they can engage in this sort of thing with no threat of anyone coming forward.

If anyone knows anything — even part of the story — please call the Bogalusa police department. If you are afraid for your safety, anyone may call the Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line, 504-822-1111 and leave what you know.

We are thankful our police do what they can to protect us, but community safety is not only the job of the men and women in uniform, but a task that falls to all of us.