Easter events brought smiles to our kids

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, March 30, 2016

An Easter egg hunt at the Pez Candy Company’s headquarters in Orange, Conn., turned into a fiasco last weekend, making national headlines. Adults broke into the hunt ahead of time, hoarding the eggs and even injuring some children in the process as the event became a frenzy.

We believe that the people at the Pez hunt could have learned a lesson by watching our similar events in Bogalusa. Everyone was apparently well behaved and there were no reports of injuries or mischief.

Easter egg hunts are a fun time for children, and it was wonderful to see so many volunteers and city officials come together to make these events a success. The fun started early at the District A egg hunt on Good Friday, and then there was even more candy to be found at the citywide Easter egg hunt on Saturday. Many other churches and organizations also offered smaller hunts throughout the weekend.

It’s a great thing when adults give up some of their holiday free time to make sure that our children have a little bit of joy. Thanks to everyone for making the hunts a success.