What a very special time of the year

Published 7:00 am Saturday, March 26, 2016

There’s just something perfect about this time of year.

As a sports fan, you couldn’t ask for anything more. March Madness is getting closer to the Final Four, it won’t be long until the Masters tees up in Augusta, and you can almost smell the pine tar and grass as the baseball season approaches.

In terms of weather, it’s also a perfect time. It’s not too hot, not too cold. Sure, I could do without some of the allergies and pollen, but everything else about the climate is just about perfect.

But obviously, the most important thing is that this is the celebration of Easter, and a time to give thanks for the sacrifice of my savior. Although I’m sure I complained as a kid, today I enjoy the extra special pomp and circumstance at church as well. It always seems like everyone dresses up a little extra special, the singing sounds extra angelic and the spiritual presence in the sanctuary seems extra strong.

It’s always tough for me to spend Easter away from my family, as is the case this year. Although, the growth of technology and tools like Skype and camera phones mean that I can still feel like I’m right there with them in Missouri.

I’m sure everyone had special traditions they can remember about Easter as kids. One of the ones that I always enjoyed included coloring eggs. I honestly think that I would continue to join my family for that tradition if given the chance, no matter how old I get.

There was just something special about the whole experience. The smell of the coloring dye, the attempts to try to get our eggs to stand up on their own, the special holding tool that allowed you to dip only part of the egg so you could create striped patterns…

And of course, to a kid, there was nothing cooler than writing on the egg with a white wax crayon. Without dye, you couldn’t see what was written, but as soon as the color surrounded the egg, the marks would show up in white.

They were always such works of art, and it was a shame to eventually peel those shells off to eat the eggs. Of course, a good sprinkling of seasoning salt made my siblings and I forgive ourselves for destroying those designs.

There was also the joy of Easter morning itself. We’d get up for church a little early, so that we could have nice photographs taken in our Easter best clothes. And then as soon as we came home, it was time to dig into the candy and toys from the Easter baskets. And maybe another boiled egg or two.

I will always treasure those memories of sharing that special time with my family. Have a very happy Easter and thanks for reading The Daily News.

Justin Schuver is the publisher of The Daily News. You can email him at justin.schuver@bogalusadailynews.com.