2-cent sales tax increase is going too far

Published 9:32 am Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A 1-cent sales tax increase has already been approved by the Louisiana House and Senate, but now legislators are debating raising that increase to 1-1/2 cents or 2 cents.

Obviously, times are tough in the state, but we disagree with the idea of possibly doubling the burden that would be placed on Louisiana’s citizens. According to the Louisiana Budget Project think tank, increasing the sales tax by another penny would cost the average family $319 per year.

The proposed 1-cent sales tax increase would already take Louisiana’s combined  state and local sales tax rate to the highest in the nation. There’s no reason to go even further and take the jump to 2 cents.

Sales tax increases typically hurt poor citizens the hardest, and it is not fair to ask them to bear so many of the consequences for decisions made by an irresponsible government. We urge the legislature to consider other options, such as cutting tax breaks to large business interests, or finding ways to cut spending in government agencies.

One cent is fine, but 2 cents is one too many.