BFCS field additions will benefit many

Published 9:56 am Friday, February 19, 2016

Ben’s Ford Christian School’s baseball field is getting two new additions.

The school is adding lights and a pressbox.

Having lights is very important, as it allows games to be played at night.

During the weekdays, for a daytime baseball game, the student-athletes have to get out of class early to play the game. With the lights, game times can be pushed back and the players won’t have to leave class for an early ballgame.

The lights also help with fan support. As any parent can understand, you want to support your kids in everything they do, but it’s hard to get off work early to catch a ballgame.

With the lights and the later game times, parents, supporters and fans who work during the day, will be able to attend games.

Also, when the weather begins to heat up, games can be played when the sun goes down and the temperatures get cooler. Lastly, games won’t need to be called because of darkness.

The press box allows the school to help enhance the game day experience. The school has a P.A. system, but they were only able to use it when the weather was nice. If there was a threat of rain, there was no P.A. system. Now the P.A. system will be in place for every game after the work is completed.

They’ll also be able to tape games much easier, and those keeping the book will have a dry place to sit when it rains.

The additions to the field are a win for everybody.