Some games feature lifetime memories

Published 9:40 am Friday, February 12, 2016

One of the things that makes athletic competition so much fun are standout moments.

Over the course of a regular season that’s about 30 games, some of the contests may be forgotten, but each year, there are some that are remembered seemingly forever by those who participated or watched the game.

It could be because of a huge win, an amazing individual performance, a heartbreaking loss or just because the game was a great competitive contest.

Last Thursday, Franklinton’s boys basketball team had one of those games.

The Demons were facing a Salmen team that, A. was on a long district-winning streak, and B. doesn’t lose at home very often.

In fact, going into last Thursday’s game, Salmen had lost just five home games in the last four years, including one this year against Chalmette, which is 20-6.

The others were against Riverside Academy last season and the 2012-13 season, and East Jefferson and Brother Martin two seasons ago. Riverside won the Class 2A state title both seasons, East Jefferson was the Class 4A state runner-up that season and Brother Martin was eliminated in the opening round of the Class 5A postseason that year.

Franklinton had gone 0-17 against Salmen in the nine years the teams have been in the same district, but it wasn’t just Franklinton the Spartans were winning against. It’s been everybody.

The Demons had a 43-29 lead late in the third quarter trimmed to 47-45 midway through the fourth period.

But Franklinton responded with a 5-0 run. Salmen had a chance to tie late, but missed a 3-pointer and the Demons snapped Salmen’s district winning streak.

When it was over, players were hugging and celebrating. The fans were excited, the players were excited and the coaching staff was excited.

This wasn’t just a regular season win. This was a huge and memorable regular season win and it’s a memory that should last a lifetime for everyone associated with Franklinton High School basketball.