‘Yes, it’s covered!

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Seldom do I ruminate over a project, but this one held such potential that I procrastinated a bit. I wanted each word to be perfect. In my desire to capture the essence of the story and hold the reader spellbound I quivered at the thought of my work missing the mark. Truly “unless the Lord builds the house it is built in vain” so I decided to watch and pray for the right moment to unleash the thoughts running through my head.

On Fridays after my little grandson, Gauge, completes his week at preschool we spend a little time together. While lunching at a local eatery my darling boy and I held quite an animated conversation. He had drawn several pictures and described each one in glorious detail over his grilled cheese and fries. When I glanced up from our table I noticed two older ladies grinning like Cheshire cats. They had been intently following Gauge’s conversation.

When I introduced the young orator to the sweet pair they were delighted. One of the ladies said, “It’s nice to meet you, Gauge; I can’t wait to get home to tell my husband that I may have just met a future president! You speak so well I wouldn’t doubt it!” After they left Gauge’s curious baby blues peered at me and said, “Gigi, what’s a president?” I don’t think he will be self-absorbed anytime soon, hopefully never; but he is a precocious little boy.

With “little man” secured safely in his car seat in the back I slid into the driver’s seat and turned the engine over. The steady purr lulled me into my own thoughts as we rode in companionable silence. My unfinished article came to mind and I said, “Gauge, I am working on a story about God, and I really want it to be special. Would you pray that I will find just the right words for it?”

Much to my surprise and delight I heard whispers coming from the back seat. I thought he might remember and mention it in his bedtime prayers, or possibly forget altogether. But my 5-year-old little buddy had his head bowed, his eyes closed, and though I couldn’t hear what he was saying I knew whom he was talking to.

Soon his head popped up, and he confidently exclaimed, “It’s covered!” The feeling in my heart was a mixture of pride, joy, and wonder. Gauge’s confidence that it was indeed covered filled me with a renewed sense of peace. My grandson’s faith in action reminded me that the Master of the universe is really just a whisper away.

When our day came to a close and the air took on a chill I settled down in my comfy chair. The words I had been waiting for flowed effortlessly onto the page. They seemed to bubble up from a reservoir deep within. I felt free to let my thoughts flow because a little boy had reminded me that it was indeed covered. What a friend I have in my sweet little grandson. And what a friend we have in Jesus.

Jan Penton Miller can be reached at lilsisjan@yahoo.com.