MCCA coronation gala was impressive

Published 8:30 am Wednesday, February 3, 2016

To the Krewe of MCCA and ladies’ groups:

Georgia and I were proud to be a part of our grand 36th MCCA Coronation Ball on Saturday night. The costuming was beautiful, conduct was excellent, and the execution of the tableau was as smooth as glass.

Thanks very much to our set design and construction committee, and the Melancons’ court committee, and to the ever-dependable and talented narrator Mel Hall. Thanks especially to our splendid and dedicated king and queen, who have been wonderful throughout the season, to all the maids and dukes, pages and attendants of the royal court, and to all who attended.

Thanks particularly to our members and ladies’ float groups for donning real costumes that glow in the sunshine. We have another great weather forecast, and look excitedly to presenting the most spectacular parade ever next Saturday.

Congratulations to Roogaroo and Venus for winning the first annual award for “Most Outstanding Costumes,” presented at the ball.

Don Spiers,

The Captain