We are thankful for many things in our city

Published 8:57 am Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tomorrow, we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day, and this parish, state and nation has much for which to give thanks.

Last Saturday, we had the opportunity to celebrate free, democratic elections. Without any bloodshed, we elected a new governor, lieutenant governor, state senator and other representatives to lead us in the coming years. It is something we take for granted, but there are many citizens of totalitarian regimes who would give anything to have peaceful elections.

Regardless of how we all may have voted, it is important to get together and unify behind our new representatives. Their success means success for our state, and that means success for all of us.

We should also give thanks for people who devote their time to good causes, such as volunteers at last week’s Thanksgiving meals and those who participated in Saturday’s “Gleaux Run.”

Last week, meals were held in both Bogalusa and Franklinton, offering warm food to any who needed it. Sponsored by Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal, these events would not have been successful without the hard work of many volunteers who helped.

Saturday night, dozens of citizens braved the rain and cold weather to join for a “Gleaux Run” on Avenue B. The run helped to raise money for the American Cancer Society, as participants donned glow sticks and other bright objects to bring attention to the fight against cancer.

We are lucky to live in the United States of America, and equally lucky to have so many citizens who think about others more than themselves. This Thanksgiving Day, let us all remember to give thanks for our family and friends, and for the gift of living in the greatest nation in the world.