Follow safety tips for a happy Halloween

Published 9:43 pm Friday, October 30, 2015

Leave it to a few folks who decide some form of trick is the most fun during Halloween. Thankfully, the majority of people are those who just want to have a good time.

Whether trick-or-treaters are young or old, participants should adhere to a few simple precautions in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

• Regarding costumes, parents need to make sure clothing is flame resistant and masks do not hinder a person’s peripheral vision.

• Some children could be allergic to face paint. Face paint should be removed before bedtime to avoid any kind of skin irritation.

• Parents should fasten decorative tape to children’s costumes and bags to assist drivers seeing them.

• Avoid trick-or-treating alone; always walk in groups or with an adult.

• Flashlights should be taken along to help you see and be seen by others nearby as well as drivers.

• Children should only visit well-lit houses and avoid darkened homes.

• Never accept rides from strangers and never eat candy that is unwrapped or already open.

• Children should stay on sidewalks whenever possible and out of the street.

• Children should never dart out in the street. Check to see if a car is near, then cross the street.

• Walk, don’t run, when trick-or-treating. Walking is just a lot safer.

With these simple suggestions in mind, avoid the goblins and have a happy — and safe — Halloween.