Festival was a great success this year

Published 10:28 am Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The board of directors of the Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival wants to thank the city government and the people of Bogalusa for helping us make this year’s event the best ever! The park was beautiful. The local people were warm and welcoming. And, as has been the case since the beginning, there were no reports of trouble at the festival.

That all means a lot, and it was noticed by people from across the country and around the world who came to visit and left with a special place in their hearts for our city. Many of the media and our performers exclaimed on it. With your help, we instilled some love for Bogalusa, as we all have since the first BBHF in 2012. And it continues to grow.

We thank you all. We could not do this without you. It is such a pleasure for us, and we are grateful for the opportunity to enable you to show the world your radiant spirit. Together we dance, we sing, we play and learn, and we shine.

Marcelle Hanemann

BBHF Promotions Chair