Pontiff would be proud of local ladies

Published 9:00 pm Friday, September 25, 2015

Pope Francis visited the United States this past week and delivered messages about helping the homeless and downtrodden, among other topics.
Individuals who have slipped through the cracks are a major problem in this country, including Bogalusa, which has more than its share of homelessness.

The pontiff is the champion for the homeless throughout the world. He seems to be a down-to-earth person who says what he thinks on any topic.

The homeless in Bogalusa have people looking out for their interests as well. After much deliberation at seeing homeless people continually walk the streets of Bogalusa, 17-year-old Stephanie Jenkins took it upon herself to try and do something toward helping those who need assistance.

Jenkins started the social media group “Building the Community (Helping Jeffery and Barry)” on Facebook. The page attracted 85 people who wanted to assist efforts in just two days. Donors contact Jenkins, who goes out and purchases much needed supplies for the homeless.

This endeavor by Jenkins and her older sister, Krystle Ladner, is indeed a daunting task for anybody. The young ladies should be commended for their effort for helping those in need. Their hearts are definitely in the right place.

Pope Francis and anybody who learns of their work would be extremely proud of them.