Bogalusa City Council needs some stability

Published 9:55 am Monday, August 10, 2015

Apparently all the bickering and criticism lately aimed at Bogalusa City Council members was simply too much for District C Councilman Brian McCree.

Near the end of Tuesday’s City Council meeting, McCree caught fellow council members and the general public off guard when he announced he would probably resign his position in January.

“Come January, I’m resigning as councilman. I’ve just had enough,” McCree told council members and the audience.

McCree seems to be an affable sort who probably takes citizens’ negative comments about the city to heart. He did not elaborate about his plans when asked by the Daily News. He did say there was a possibility he would talk about the decision at a later date.

McCree signed up for the job and should have known what was in store when he ran for office. The City Council needs stability, and that will not come about if a special election has to be called.

McCree defeated long-time Councilwoman Oneita Graham to win the seat. Hopefully McCree will have a change of heart and think hard about staying on. The citizens of Bogalusa deserve stability.