If the NFL bans the ‘N’ word, it should also ban the ‘R’ word

Published 11:45 pm Thursday, February 27, 2014

The intent of this letter is to help referee the game of football by making a determination as to whether or not usage of the “N” word should provoke penalties in the NFL. The ESPN program “Outside the Lines” recently entertained the issue with a group of panelists, and the group was divided.

Debate of usage of the “N” word on ESPN aired for about an hour, and as the season approaches you can be sure this will continue to be a hot topic because the NFL committee plans to add a 15-yard penalty to anyone who uses the “N” word.

The reasoning used to consider penalties for usage of the “N” word stems from the fact that a white person called a black person the “N” word, which equated to racism for that reason only.

But for the record, past racism was primarily determined by an action more so than verbal disrespect. For instance, in America blacks were killed, raped, lynched and not allowed to use public facilities. They were required to sit at the back of the bus, denied invitation to restaurants, refused an education and banned from participation in the voting process held in the United States of America.

So why today should whites be considered racists for simply referring to blacks as the “N” word? As harsh as the word sounds, this doesn’t reach that level of racism. However, the white person who uses the “N” word is guilty of being inconsiderate of the tragedies, trials and tribulations of blacks in America.

Those who argue that blacks use the “N” word more than whites are justified to conclude these findings through examination of conversations by mostly black youths, who developed usage of the word from their surroundings. The end doesn’t justify any usage of the word nigger. Blacks in America should be angry with whites who use the word and angrier with themselves for use of the “N” word and for allowing their children to refer to each other as niggers.

OK, now that the “N” word has been addressed, what about condemning the word racist, or the “R” word? Truly, both words undermine the character of a person. And the defamation of character should also be considered when making reference to someone (a football player in this case).

The consequences of not addressing those demeaning words (racist and nigger) create the spirit of racism, which should have ended decades ago but continues to linger in this society due to our children being continually exposed to the “N” word and “R” word since birth. To refer to any freed people as a nigger or racist undermines the achievements made in the struggle for liberty, freedom and justice in America.

To regulate the football game better would be to never add the claim of racism to a prejudicial event. Furthermore, if we revisit our history, the reality would clearly prove that whites of today haven’t displayed those same characteristics done by racists of the past, therefore a white person of this era doen’t deserve to be called a racist. But equally important is that a free black society has proven to be much better than a nigger.

To petition use of the “N” word and “R” word be addressed by Congress refer to gopettions.com, then type Declare America as a non-racist nation or copy this link to your browser: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/nonracist-nation.html

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– Frederick Newkirk