Reader urges support of parish sales tax

Published 11:45 pm Thursday, October 10, 2013

Supporting a tax increase is never easy. But we do it for our schools and for safety in our communities. On the ballot this election is a very slight tax increase to fund the Washington Parish Criminal and Civil Justice System. That’s our law enforcement folks, the people who get out there every day to investigate, incarcerate, prosecute and protect us. It is the offices of the district attorney, district judges, coroner, clerk of court and parish jail that we are required to fund locally.

One third of one penny is not much. In fact, I think it is interesting that they got it down to that small amount. It is enough to support those needing the revenue but not so much that it really hurts any of us. It is only fair that everyone pay for services everyone uses. As an example of increase, if one purchases an item for $100, the tax would be 33 cents!

What would hurt, though, is that if the one third of one penny does not pass, jobs will be lost and important public services we all depend on will be drastically cut.

We really don’t have a choice. The support is required of us by state law. For so little an amount, we will be able to continue protecting our communities, schools, our families and related services such as infrastructure work on roads and drainage.

My husband and I are voting for this slight increase, and I hope eligible voters in Washington Parish will do the same. Let’s take a positive attitude about doing our part to make sure our parish continues forward!

– Claire McGuire