Deep South Bible College begins 4th year

Published 1:07 am Sunday, July 21, 2013

For nearly 30 years Ben’s Ford Baptist Church has operated Ben’s Ford Christian School, educating young people at the elementary and secondary levels. Four years ago the church expanded the ministry to provide for a two-year college program.

Deep South Bible College will begin its fourth year of operation this fall. The school, which was founded in the fall of 2010 by Ben’s Ford Baptist Church, provides Biblical training for local pastors, Christian workers and other Christians who desire to increase their knowledge of God’s Word.

According to Pastor Lynn Martin, it is his prayer to assist other pastors and Christians as they spread the gospel of Christ and minister the Word of God to their congregations.

“We look forward to training Christians for the ministry to which God has called them,” said Martin.

“This could be the training of a lay person in the local church, a missionary preparing to go to the foreign field, a pastor proclaiming God’s Word, or a chosen doorkeeper at the house of God. We believe that all workmen of our precious Lord are important to His body and should do their very best to equip themselves for the work to which they are called,” said Martin.

“Never before has the servant of God needed intense training in ministry more than we do for our present generation,” he continued.

“We are told in scripture to study to show ourselves approved unto God, but without following that Biblical instruction in this present day the Christian worker will be unprepared for the ministry as we attempt to reach a well-informed generation with the gospel of Christ,” Martin said.

Harold Gaddy, who serves as Bible teacher and college president, said,“We desire to make that training available at Deep South Bible College.”

Courses that will be offered for the fall semester include Bible geography, Bible doctrines, The Life of Christ, Acts of the Apostles, Religious Cults, Elementary Greek, keyboarding, American history, English, speech and biology.

The college is housed on the second floor of the new educational facility at Ben’s Ford. The building provides for spacious classrooms and modern technology to aid in learning Bible truth. In addition, the college also has a 10,000-volume library that makes available ample research materials for projects and further study outside the classroom.

The two-year program requires 68 semester hours and leads to an Associate of Arts degree with a major in Bible Exposition.

Deep South Bible College is registered with the Louisiana Board of Regents and is granted authority to offer only religious degrees within the state of Louisiana.

For a college catalog and other information contact the church office at 732-7617. College registration will be Aug. 15-16 from 5-7 p.m. Classes begin on Monday, Aug. 26.

Further information is available on the college website and also can be accessed at

— Submitted by Maureen Gaddy