It’s not goodbye; I will ‘See ya at the fair!!’

Published 7:05 am Friday, January 4, 2013

Hats off to (Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office) Chief Deputy Michael Haley. The article written in the 12-26-12 Daily News was right on!

I’ve known Michael for over 60 years and always looked up to him, for that matter the entire Haley family, all good intelligent Christians.

Thanks for so eloquently informing us about the mental illness crisis in our country. I’ve felt for years, just like Mike has; I just did not have the talent or facts to convey the information to the public.

Everyone from the U.S.A. to myself is strapped for funds. Millions are being thrown down the drain by government waste. When I’m broke I can’t even provide for my family, much less give money away. “Uncle Sam” is over $16 trillion in debt and still giving millions away to other countries. Some are not even our friends.

Why not direct this to treating mental illness, and I must add addictions? It seems like every other person is mentally ill. Maybe you think I’m one of them, but I just tell it like it is.

I haven’t had the misfortune to sleep in the parish prison, so I don’t know from experience, but I feel sure Mike has improved the situation there. Everywhere he’s worked, he’s been successful, including making positive changes at W.C.I. and the Alabama penal system.

If our governing bodies, along with the Christian community, those able and willing to donate financially or just with their time put to good use could come up with a game plan, I believe we could start something here in Washington Parish that could be a model for the entire nation, similar to the Bogalusa Heart Study.

Please read Michael Haley’s article in The Daily News, Dec. 26, 2012.

— Terry Foots Quinn

Bogalusa native