Our View: Parish residents know the drill

Published 10:48 pm Tuesday, August 28, 2012

As Tropical Storm Isaac seemingly set his sights on southeast Louisiana on Monday, Washington Parish residents ramped up their preparedness.

Shelves were quickly emptied of such staples as water and batteries as citizens began to build a nest that would sustain them if electricity should be lost for any period of time. Lines swelled at gas stations, with motorists wanting to top off their tanks, not knowing when fuel would once again be available.

People filled sandbags, often with the help of the younger generation, showing them the ropes for the future.

It is a ritual we are all too familiar with in Washington Parish. The lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina, which hit exactly seven years today, are well-taken, as evidenced by residents putting the finishing touches on their preparations in a calm and orderly fashion.

As of Monday afternoon the path of the storm was still uncertain, although it appeared likely Washington Parish had the potential to be hammered with wind and rain. But the storm did not appear it would reach the level of Katrina, which was a sign of optimism.

Residents should follow the advice of parish leaders and stay off of the roads unless absolutely necessary until the storm has passed. Be careful of downed power lines, flooded streets or creeks and trees across the road.

And stay tuned to www.go bogalusa.com for the latest updates.

Together, we will ride out another storm and greet our neighbors with the familiar phrase “How did you make out?”