Letter to the Editor

Published 8:59 am Sunday, July 29, 2012

As a former resident of Bogalusa, I keep up with all that happens through the Internet. I seem to have come upon a violation of Louisiana law with the latest actions of the Bogalusa School board in their meeting on July 19th. They have decided not to fill two positions at the school board office, one of which is required by law to be filled, Child Welfare and Attendance.

R.S 17: 229 states that each parish and city school system have at least one “Visiting Teacher” or “Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance.” Governor Jindal also passed a law regarding this matter so as to keep the school boards from having too much power regarding issues of staff appointments. The way both documents read the board does not have ultimate power over employee appointments and cannot ignore state law regarding which positions are mandatory. The position of CWA is a mandatory position that is to be one’s primary function.

I have sent this information to the BESE board as well as the State Superintendent of Education as this is an obvious violation of Louisiana State law.

For many years the Bogalusa School board has ignored the public interest with no regard for the children and more for political views and political correctness.

Maybe it would be a blessing if the state were to take control of what used to be a wonderful school system.

I have been back visiting friends and family in the area and as I prepare to head home I could not keep this to myself after reading the story in the paper.

I would like to think that the entire school system is not corrupt but, now that they circumvent state law, all I can do is shake my head.

So my question to the BCSB is … What is next?

Steve Andrews

Virginia Beach, Va.