Children not a part of the ‘drama’

Published 1:54 am Sunday, July 1, 2012

My question (at the Bogalusa City School Board meeting on June 20) about the Attorney expenditure to litigate the State Legislature was simply to ask the validity of the expense in an already cash-strapped situation here in Bogalusa. I had no idea what Act 2 was. It’s just that I am a frugal person, and spending money gets my attention.

I now have a pretty good idea of what Act 2 is all about. I’ve found that Bob Hammonds, the Attorney in question, represents the Louisiana School Board Association. Also, it appears that not all School Boards have signed on to this litigation, at least to this point.

To state that Act 2 is “unconstitutional” is a matter of opinion and putting the cart before the horse. And, of course, will cost the BCSB to find out. To declare the Act as an attempt to “wipe out Public Education” is simply an over-reaction as to how the political system works. It’s not very pretty, as evident here in Bogalusa.

The most horrible part of the senario is that the general public does not seem to care!! As I started this, it seems that the Attornies, and I add Politicians, always benefit. The children just don’t seem to have a part in the Drama.

R. Ludd