Published 12:13 pm Monday, April 22, 2024

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From the Washington Parish Sherriff’s Office

Franklinton, Louisiana – On Monday, April 15th, a WPSO Lieutenant with the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office received a concerning report from Corporal Kayleigh Brumfield regarding a suspicious package delivered to the Washington Parish Jail intended for inmate Travon Washington. The package, believed to contain contraband, was brought to the attention of law enforcement, leading to a thorough investigation.

Upon arrival at the Washington Parish Jail, Deputy Warden Cooper was presented with the package by Cpl. Brumfield, who also provided pertinent information including the Louisiana Driver’s License of the individual who dropped off the package, identified as Mercedes Ann Nicole Watkins. Subsequent examination of the package revealed alarming contents.

Inside the package were four bags of Doritos, three of which concealed bags of a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana, totaling 1.7 ounces. Additionally, three jars of peanut butter were found to have been tampered with. Further investigation led to the discovery of a grey flip-style cell phone containing buprenorphine naloxone suboxone strips, acetaminophen/hydrocodone tablets, and smoking tobacco concealed within the peanut butter jars.

Deputy Warden Cooper’s meticulous review of communications between inmate Travon Washington and suspect Mercedes Watkins uncovered multiple instances of discussions regarding the introduction of contraband into the jail. Similar conversations were also observed between inmate Keyouya Dakonya Jackson and an unknown male identified as Durand Smith, as well as with Rayburn Elizabeth Harvin, implicating their involvement in the illicit operation.

In light of the evidence gathered, an arrest warrant has been issued for Mercedes Ann Nicole Watkins on charges including the introduction of contraband and distribution of controlled substances. Additionally, warrants have been issued for suspects Travon Washington, Keyouya Dakonya Jackson, Durand LaMarc Smith, and Rayburn Elizabeth Harvin for their involvement in the conspiracy to introduce contraband and distribute controlled substances.

The Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office (WPSO) continues its search for Durand LaMarc Smith. If you possess any information regarding Smith’s whereabouts, we implore you to promptly contact the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office or your local law enforcement agency. We appeal directly to Durand Smith himself: it’s in your best interest to surrender yourself.

Sheriff Randy “Country” Seal emphasizes his commitment to combating illegal activities within the jail facility and ensuring the safety and security of both inmates and staff.