Rep. Wyble Backs Gov. Landry’s Special Session to Combat Louisiana Crime Wave

Published 1:54 pm Tuesday, February 20, 2024

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BOGALUSA, La. – In an assertive move against escalating crime, Governor Jeff Landry has convened a special legislative session in Louisiana, slated to run from February 19 to March 6. The session is charged with a formidable agenda, including tightening parole regulations, augmenting penalties for offenses like carjacking, and contemplating the legality of permitless concealed weapon carriage for specific individuals. This decisive action aims to dismantle policies that have been overly indulgent towards criminal behavior and to bolster the criminal justice system.

The call for a special session is a direct response to the campaign promise to restore safety and security across Louisiana, a pledge that Governor Landry has emphasized is due to every citizen. “No one, regardless of their neighborhood or zip code, should feel unsafe,” Governor Landry stated. His plan is to reinforce the support for law enforcement and ensure that justice is served for crime victims who have been sidelined.

Echoing the Governor’s sentiments, State Representative John Wyble of District 75, encompassing Washington Parish, has pledged his support for the legislative package. Representative Wyble asserts, “I look forward to supporting the package of bills put forward that will help us move toward a safer Washington Parish and Louisiana. Those who choose repeatedly to commit violent crimes — juveniles and adults — must be held accountable for their choices.”

Wyble’s stance on crime extends to the guardians of the youth, advocating for increased penalties for those who neglect their parenting responsibilities or exploit minors in criminal activities. He strongly believes in the accountability of adults providing weapons to those with a criminal past, stressing, “Any adult who willfully puts a weapon in the possession of a person who has a criminal record should be held liable for crimes committed with that weapon.”

This concerted effort signals a significant shift in Louisiana’s approach to law and order, proposing a more stringent system where the consequences of crime are severe and inevitable, especially for recurrent offenders and irresponsible adults contributing to the cycle of crime. It also seeks to address the legal loopholes that have allowed crime rates to surge.

The special session stands as a beacon of change, promising to deliver real transformation in the state’s fight against crime. The expectations are set high as legislators come together to deliberate and enact laws that will shape the future of public safety in Louisiana. The outcome of this session is not only anticipated to make the streets safer but also to manifest the administration’s unwavering commitment to the principle that safety is a fundamental right, not a privilege.

This initiative by Governor Landry, backed by Representative Wyble and other lawmakers, underscores a shared vision for a safer Louisiana, where law enforcement is empowered, victims are honored, and justice prevails. The special session is a pivotal step in delivering on that vision

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